Ginku From Scratch

The following steps are required to do full testing, simulating an actual client onboarding through patient payments.

This goes through the basic functionality. There will be additional features, including alternative payment types and appoinment scheduling. However, this presents the core functionality of the application.

Admin Login

  1. An admin account must log in

  2. The admin must add a client

  3. The admin must create a contract


Technically, the admin could grant the create_trial permission to the user, allowing them to create trials. In practice, it is more likely that Ginku staff will perform this action.


As with trials, the admin could grant the create_site permission to a user, but it is more likely that Ginku will load the sites for the client, usually in bulk. Sites can be loaded one at a time using the create site API call.

Trial Sites

In order for patients to be enrolled in a trial at a site, the site must be associated with the trial.


Once a site is associated with a trial, it is possible to add milestones. These are the payment milestones and amounts associated with this trial and site combination.

See this example for a payment schedule. The payment schedule can be unique for each site within a trial.

Site Coordinator

The site coordinator will be responsible for[registering patients] with their site. Note that registering a patient with the site does _not enroll them in a trial. This is because a patient could hypothetically be enrolled in multiple trials at a single site.

A site coordinator can then enroll a patient in a trial.


A patient who completes a milestone can then receive a milestone payment.