API Access

The development API is https://api.endk.dev

Credentials will be provided for development and testing purposes.


The first thing a patient must do is register themselves with the application.

The register API call is all that is needed.

Log In

The log_in API call accepts e-mail and password, and returns as session_id. This session_id is required for all subsequent API calls.

Change Password

If a user knows their password and wants to change it, use the change_password API call.

Password Reset

If the user forgets their password, they can request a password reset. This will e-mail them a one-time token which can be used to change their password.

The reset_password API call accepts the one-time token and new password and and sets the user’s password to the new password.

User Info

Use the my_info API call to get information about the user. This can be used to display their name in the UI.

Update User

The update_user call allows a user to update their name, address, etc.

Set Payment Type

The available payment types are retrieved using the get_payment_types API call. These can be presented to the user.

The patient’s payment type preference can be set using the set_payment_type API call.


This functionality exists in the system for the Site Coordinator, but not for the patient.

Updates will be made to expose this information to patients.

  • List all trials the user is participating in.

  • List all payments and their status.

  • List all upcoming appointments.

  • Caregivers

  • E-mail verification.

  • Rate visit.